Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chiropractor? 
Chiropractors are primary health care physicians who evaluate your health and provide safe, natural healthcare solution.   We do this through the chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue therapy, physiotherapy, exercise, nutrition, and stress management.
What is a Subluxation?  
A chiropractic subluxation is an abnormal relationship between and/or a fixation of one or more joints of the spine that negatively affects the nervous system, the control system of your entire body.  Subluxation occurs when one vertebra has moved in relationship to the one above or below it and become locked into an abnormal position.  This fixation of spinal joints leads to excessive inflammation, pain, and a state of chronic disease.  This often occurs when abnormal spinal curvatures are present.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?  
A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure that restores normal motion to a fixated joint.  An adjustment may be performed by hand or with an instrument.  When coupled with a specialized system of exercises and therapies the adjustment helps to correct spinal dysfunction and abnormal curvatures of the spine including scoliosis.
Once I start Chiropractic Care do I have to keep coming?
Your chiropractor will create a specific care plan to treat your condition.  Upon completion of this care plan regular spinal examinations are strongly recommended to ensure Optimal Health and to prevent future health problems.
Should my child be checked?
Yes!  Children have many traumatic events in their life starting with the birth process.  As your child continues to accomplish the many milestones of the first few years (learning to hold his or her head up, crawl, walk, ride a bike, etc.) his or her spine will encounter completely new stresses and traumas.  A chiropractic check-up is a simple way to ensure optimal health and the prevention of future health problems as your child grows.
Is Chiropractic Care safe?
Yes!  As indicated by malpractice statistics, chiropractic care is one of the safest health care interventions available.
I’m pregnant, can chiropractic care help me?
Yes!  Chiropractic is a fantastic way to treat pregnancy related low back pain naturally without medications.  Additionally, adjustments leading up to labor can help ensure the pelvis is in proper alignment which some studies suggest may lead to a shorter and smoother labor and delivery.
Will it hurt?
No!  A properly administered chiropractic adjustment will not be painful.  Some patients experience some mild soreness following the procedure, similar to the soreness experienced after a workout in the gym.


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Dr. Greg is magic! I could not stand up without pain in my back and after 30 minutes with Dr. Greg no pain! I still cannot believe it! - Ed

Thank you to Dr. Heather for: relieving my hip/pelvic pain during pregnancy, helping turn my breech baby and most importantly aiding in the success of my VBAC :) - Nicole


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