Pregnancy, Postpartum and Newborns

Chiropractic care is an invaluable tool, safe and natural, for the health of the mother and the developing baby within.

Healthy Body, Healthy Baby


Optimal function of your body is essential to the health of your developing baby.  During pregnancy your spine and pelvis will undergo many changes to adapt for your growing baby.  These changes, while necessary, increase the risk of spinal dysfunction and interference to your nervous system.  During pregnancy a woman’s spine needs extra special care to remove nervous system interference to allow her body to function properly.  Chiropractic adjustments focus on removing this interference, allowing your body to function optimally and giving your baby the best opportunity to develop and grow perfectly.  

Balanced Pelvis for an Easier and Safer Labor & Delivery


Chiropractic care, including specific adjustments and treatment of muscles and ligaments in the pelvis, creates a state of balance in the mother’s pelvis to facilitate an easier and safer delivery.  A balanced and aligned pelvis also allows for optimal baby positioning for birth.
During pregnancy, the rapid growth and shifting of the body changes the biomechanics of the spine.  These changes can shift the pelvis and cause sacral misalignments.  A woman’s pelvis supports her growing uterus with special ligaments.  When the pelvis is balanced, these ligaments allow her uterus to enlarge symmetrically with her growing baby.  If the pelvis is fixated or out of alignment it will affect the way the uterus is supported creating an imbalance.  This imbalance creates tension and reduces the amount of room for the developing baby.  This is called intrauterine constraint which may limit the baby’s movement within the uterus.  Limitations on the baby’s movement during pregnancy may prevent the baby from getting into the best position for birth.  It is this intrauterine constraint which leads to dystocia (prolonged and difficult labor).  Dystocia is one of the most common causes of medical interventions during birth.  Interventions may begin as labor induction but often a cesarean-section is the end result.  One of the primary benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy is to help mothers have the safe and natural birth they envision by reducing or preventing intrauterine constraint, therefore preventing dystocia in pregnancy and helping to provide a safer, easier labor and delivery for both mother and baby. 

Pregnancy Related Discomforts & Chiropractic Care


Back Pain - Balancing the pelvis, aligning the spinal and pelvic structures not only prepares the body for a safe and easier labor but also helps to relieve pregnancy related low back pain.  Low back pain is common in pregnancy due to the rapidly growing belly, changing spinal biomechanics, and the hormone relaxin. Adjustments coupled with soft tissue techniques help to remove tension and misalignments safely and effectively providing relief.  
Pubic Pain  - Many pregnant women experience pubic pain and/or popping during pregnancy.  The pain can be quite significant at times.  There are gentle chiropractic adjustments for the pubic bones that often deliver quick and effective results. 
Rib Pain - Rib pain is something I occasionally see in pregnancy, usually in the second and early third trimester.  The growing belly combined with the body’s release of relaxin hormone can cause rib heads to pop out of their correct positions.  It is most prevalent as the baby gets bigger and before he or she drops.  This can be very painful but fortunately is also very treatable.  Like pubic pain, it tends to respond quickly.  

Benefits of chiropractic for the Developing Baby


Chiropractic adjustments promote healthy baby development. When the mother is experiencing pain and discomfort her body becomes stressed.  Stress hormones, such as cortisol, are released in her body causing inflammation.  Stress hormones and inflammation can have an undesired effect on your baby.  One study stated high maternal cortisol at 30-32 weeks predicted negative infant behaviors after birth.  Chiropractic care can help to relieve mom-to-be of these stress-causing discomforts.
Intrauterine constraint which can reduce the baby’s ability to move within the uterus and cause baby to lie in a compromised position may cause irregular spinal development of the fetus.  Compromised spinal development may have permanent adverse effects on the baby’s nervous system. 
Finally, utilizing chiropractic care during pregnancy reduces the risk of medical interventions during birth, many of which are not good for your baby’s spine.  Inductions may lead to more intense and forceful contractions, which are hard on baby and mom. Forceps and vacuum extractors exert excess force directly on the baby’s head, pulling hard on the spine and are not without risk to baby.  C-section’s are now done with very small incisions and forceful pulling on baby’s head is used to deliver.  Sometimes the vacuum is also used during a c-section.  A mother’s care of her body during pregnancy empowers her to give her baby the safest and healthiest welcome into the world. 

Postpartum Considerations


As your body recovers from labor and delivery, it is common to experience back pain and discomfort.   Spinal adjustments and soft tissue care can relieve this discomfort naturally.  Additionally, it is very common for mothers to experience neck and upper back discomfort while nursing. Most moms, especially first time moms spend a significant amount of time looking down to ensure their baby is latched on and nursing appropriately. This is very straining on the cervical and thoracic muscles and joints. Chiropractic care helps alleviate this discomfort and your chiropractor may provide you with exercises and tips on improving your posture while nursing to further eliminate the problem.

Newborn care


A chiropractic check-up is one of the best birthday gifts you can give you new baby.   It is common for newborns to have a misalignment of the cervical spine and/or pelvis after birth.  This can happen even after a smooth delivery.  If left untreated it could lead to problems with breastfeeding, colic, digestion, poor sleep, and a host of other problems down the road including scoliosis and much more.  A newborn chiropractic exam and, if needed, adjustment are very gentle and quick.  A chiropractic check-up can save you and your baby from so many future health problems.  
May help with breastfeeding difficulties, colic, digestive problems, poor sleep, ear infections and colds, allergies and asthma, ADD/ADHD, bed wetting, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and more.  Chiropractic is a safe, gentle, natural form of healthcare for infants and children.  It is very important to have your newborn checked.


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