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Athletic Performance Enhancement & Sports Therapy Care:
For Athletes, by Athletes

Drs. Greg and Heather Prenger have a passion for working with athletes of all ages and levels.  Both doctors participated in youth, high school and college athletic programs (Ohio State), giving them a true understanding of the needs and desires of athletes of all levels.  They have had extensive training on sports injury treatment and prevention. 

The doctors have worked with athletes in a variety of sports including ballet, basketball, baseball, cross fit, dancing, football, golf,  gymnastics, jiu-jitsu, Olympic weightlifting, marathon running, rowing, soccer, swimming, track and cross country, triathletes, and volleyball

Why do Athletes Need Chiropractic Care?

Coming soon 🎉💪

What we offer:

Physical, orthopedic and biomechanical evaluation and personalized and sport specific treatment.
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